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Aug 24, 2013 6:30pm PDT
to impact students in the classroom. >> the obama administration has been making this big push a lot of governments have about tying it. you're using performance and looking at student performance but not use it as the measuring stick for how a teacher's doing. >> right. that's not the measuring stick. what we're looking at is making sure that the thinner of the universe, in our world, is what's happening in that the interaction between the teacher and the student. so what we're doing is looking at how can we improve that. as you mentioned the traditional way you come in, principal comes in with the form, goes through the evaluation, then sits down the with teacher, goes over it and the teacher determines whether they're going to reflect upon that. this process actually assists the teach somewhere makes it more reflective process what's going on. >> if the teacher done do well, what happens? >> as we move forward we're continuing to look at we have a number of steps in that we have consulting teachers, so that group, we have a teacher quality panel. if a teacher doesn't do well, they
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1